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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Introductions and Such

Hello. My name is Johnny, and this is a Cub blog. There are a lot of Cub blogs, and now this is one of them. If you don't want to read this one, I understand. However, I really think you'd be making a mistake. For instance, did you know that one of the authors of this blog is a girl? Did you? How many Cub blogs have that going for them? Maybe if you play your cards right, you can date.

Another positive thing about this blog is the fact that the authors here are pretty darn smart. We know better than the Cubs. When the Cubs resign Neifi and give him crazy money, and then sign Henry Blanco for crazier money, we sit here and try to figure out why. When the Cubs come out and say bad things about their highest priced player and then try to pay another team to take him without bothering to get anything in return, we begin to debate why we couldn't do a better job.

This is kind of heavy thus far, and for that I apologize. There will also be many crazy funny things happening here. We'll have cRaZy nicknames for all the players (the days when you laughed at the utter originality of Korey are behind you), and should we feel the urge, lists of theme songs for players will be revealed. Plans are also underway for humorous pictorials and movies depicting random events both in the Cubs' history and future.

Hopefully I've provided enough incentive for you to at least check back every now and then to see what things look like when regular posts with content begin. If I haven't, well, that's too bad. Because the girl blogger hasn't even started yet and I'll bet she's way hot.


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